Monday, July 20, 2009

Game Baru Sampai Lagi =)

Baru je tranformers & prototype sampai. Infamous plak sampai. huhu ... dah la tgh layan prototype , best gler ... ni nak try men infamous plak. Mcm best je....Yeah


The game takes place in fictional Empire City, laid across three islands; the Neon District where many businesses and entertainment venues are located, the Warren District where goods are shipped into and out of the city (also the biggest of the three), and the Historical District, the smallest of the three islands. The districts are connected by bridges, and each district has its own elevated train system. At the start of the game, six blocks of the Historical District are wiped out by an explosion from a bio-electrical device called the Ray Sphere which knocks out power across the entire region. A plague develops soon afterwards, forcing the government to quarantine the region. In doing so they block the only bridge to the mainland from the city, causing societal collapse within the isolated city.